David Pritchard, our Managing Director, worked at director level for a large regional discretionary investment manager and has a wealth of experience in advising clients in investment planning.

From ISAs, unit trusts and investments bonds we have an excellent and quantifiable track record of showing that we are able to help clients protect their investment in volatile times, whilst providing plenty of upsides when markets do well. We provide a total return that outperforms our benchmarks over the medium to a longer period. We monitor our investment funds quarterly to see how well they perform against their individual sector averages, to make sure our clients are getting the best possible returns for the level of risk that they are willing to take.

There is a huge difference in the performance of funds, even within the same sectors. We have thorough analysis systems, which we use to help us review a new client's existing portfolio and to constantly monitor our own portfolios. This ensures that our performance is maintained.

Matching the right investment portfolio with your attitude to investment risk

We make sure a client has the right investment portfolio to match their attitude to risk. We usually invest through a supermarket platform which, at either no or virtually no extra cost, offers a range of 50-60 difference fund managers and more than 1,000 individual funds. We do not believe in using just one fund manager and placing your investments under one roof, but to go for the supermarket approach: this has a huge range of funds with either no cost or a very low cost for switching funds at a later date. If we feel that one of the funds in our 'model portfolios' is underperforming, we notify our clients so that action can be taken to rid ourselves of underperforming fund managers.

We invest in a wide range of different asset classes by recommending our clients have some money in cash for rainy days, looking at investments in gilt and fixed interest funds, equity-based funds (both UK and overseas) and, finally, commercial property funds, which invest predominantly in bricks and mortar. Each portfolio is designed to match the client's attitude to risk. Changes in the exchange rate will affect the sterling value of your investment. Contact us today to find out more.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.


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