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Why Green Energy May Be An Attractive Investment

When thinking about investments, it is always my job to think about what’s going to be worth investing in tomorrow, almost irrespective of what happened yesterday.

Why 2021 May Be A Great Year For Investors

From a financial perspective, we are coming off the back of one of the fastest market falls in UK history, but also one of its fastest recoveries.

What Happened To The Markets In 2020 - Part 2

Welcome back! This blog is part two of our 2020 financial recap. Earlier this week we discussed the state of the markets pre-pandemic and reflected on some of the big economic lows that COVID-19 brought.

What Happened To The Markets In 2020 – Part 1

When we look back at 2020 from a financial perspective, it can be easy to say it was a completely phenomenal year that has never happened before.

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