What You Need To Know About Investing In Buy-To-Let Properties

There is no getting around the fact that in the UK property market, there is raucous competition. This article will help you understand the current state of the UK property market and what the effect of recent events has had on buy-to-let property around the country.

Welcome To 2021!

I think we can all agree that last year was unprecedented in terms of the economy and our general wellbeing. I've been a financial adviser for 41 years now and, in all my time, I’ve never seen the stock market fall as sharply as it did in the last 12 months!

New Year... Time for a Financial Review?

As you plan for the year ahead, is a financial review on your list of New Years Resolutions? This could be a good time to look at your finances.

Applewood Independent's Christmas Message

With businesses closing for the holidays, I wanted to take this time to deliver a short message to all of our readers.

What Is The Price Of Not Having Financial Advice?

When it comes to purchasing a service, everyone wants to know that they are getting is good value for their investment. Understandably, you will want to know where your hard-earned cash is going. It is the same with financial advice.

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