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We would like to welcome Abi and Carley to our growing team.

How Do Interest Rates Affect Me?

As many of us know, interest rates aren’t very interesting at all. When you look at your bank account these days, the amount of interest you’re getting from cash savings (0.1%) seems very insignificant. The interest rate has fallen to the point where it’s so low that even if you had hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank, it probably wouldn’t even be worth the bank administering the interest payment to you. The interest amounts are that small.

What Happens To Your Portfolio When Your Financial Adviser Retires?

When you look at the average age of a financial adviser, you can see that most of us are over the age of 50 and potentially looking at retirement in the next five to ten years.

What Is The Best Way To Invest For Your Children?

Investing for children normally comes about as a result of parents or grandparents wanting to help their children financially, to pay off their university fees or perhaps get on the property ladder.


Here at Applewood Independent we are proud to announce our continued support at Nantwich Town Football Club by extending our sponsorship and naming of the clubs popular 3G Arena facility.

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