3 Reasons To Accept Lifestyle Advice From Your Financial Adviser

Retirement is one of the biggest shifts you’ll ever make; it’s far bigger than transitioning from school to work or getting married or having children. What you do in retirement is what you will do for the rest of your life.

Why Picking The Right Fund Manager Matters To Your Portfolio

At Applewood Independent Ltd, we specialise in supporting you to look after your money and make it work for you. From an investment standpoint, we are quite unique in that we also consistently meet with fund managers to help grow your investments.

The UK Stock Market Continues To Make A Good Recovery: What’s Next?

The UK stock market had the quickest, sharpest, deepest fall we have ever experienced at the start of the pandemic, but it is making a solid recovery and providing new opportunities for our clients to potentially gain handsome returns from their investments.

How Do We Invest Your Money So You Don’t Lose It All?

When a new client invests their money at Applewood Independent Ltd, three main questions arise:


It’s a double celebration at Applewood Independent! Michelle and Mike have both been with us for 5yrs!

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