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Expert retirement planning advice is invaluable for those who wish to ensure that they can live comfortably in their later years.

The pre-retirement phase is the time to consider whether you are saving enough to provide you and your dependants with enough income to maintain your lifestyle. Our pensions experts will help you review your existing pension provision and if appropriate, direct you towards more tailored pension products.

It is equally important to consider the post-retirement phase and to look at how you will convert your savings into a retirement income, especially in light of dramatic changes made to pensions regulation with the "Pensions Freedom" legislation introduced in April 2015. This is an increasingly complex area and getting the right guidance is crucial. Lifelong planning areas that your financial adviser can help you to consider in the context of your individual circumstances include:

  • How "Pensions Freedom" affects you and is "flexi-access" suitable for your needs.
  • When to purchase an annuity (a guaranteed level of income for the rest of your life).
  • Whether to take a tax-fee lump sum (and how much to take).
  • Whether to leave your pension assets invested and draw an income from them.
  • How your retirement fund fits in with savings and other sources of income.
  • How recent changes to legislation has affected death benefits on pensions.

If you would like unbiased financial advice about lifelong planning for retirement, please contact us on 01270 626555.

The tax treatment is based on personal circumstances and current legislation, which is subject to change.

The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

No investment is suitable in all cases and if you have any doubts as to an investment's suitability then you should contact us.

Accessing pension benefits early is not suitable for everyone and can impact on the amount of income you have in retirement, also it may impact on your entitlement to state benefits in some circumstances. In addition there may be tax implications, you should seek Independent Financial Advice before making any decisions.